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3 Critical Questions to Ask a Crematorium Funeral Director

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When planning to lay a loved to rest, you have different options to choose from. Traditionally, you would not think beyond burial, but this has changed significantly as more people consider cremation today. It is because cremation is cost-effective, and the fact that you can keep your loved one's remains makes it even better. That said, it's challenging to understand cremation services if you have never used them before. This article highlights crucial questions that you should ask crematorium funeral directors.

Do you Customise Urns?

Today, final send-offs are unique and organised to match the lifestyle of a deceased love one. One of the first questions that you should a funeral director is whether they offer customised urns. The reason is that most people assume that all funeral homes providing cremation services customise urns for clients. However, it is not true because some funeral homes only stock standard urns and outsource customisation services whenever a client needs a uniquely designed urn. However, the cost might be prohibitive. You stand a better chance of spending less if a funeral home offers in-house urn customisation services.

Can the Family Witness the Cremation? 

In traditional funerals, the point when a casket is lowered to the ground is considered the final goodbye. Therefore, family members prefer to be around when this happens since it helps with the grieving process. Saying your last goodbyes should be the same with cremation. It is the reason why you should ask a funeral director whether they allow people to witness the cremation process from beginning to the end. Some crematoriums only allow a few family members, while others allow close relatives and friends. Knowing who can view a cremation exercise beforehand is essential.

How do You Maintain Identification?

Cremation reduces the body to ash, making it crucially important to understand how the crematorium handles the identification process. It is mainly the case in crematoriums that have several cremation chambers close to each other. Ask the funeral directors to take you through the process of identifying the deceased body once the cremation process is complete. It is the only way funeral professionals can guarantee that the remains you receive are those of your loved one. If you cannot understand the directors' explanations concerning identification, start looking for another crematorium. It is better to spend time finding the right cremation services than to end up with the remains of a stranger.