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Why Cremation Is A Fast-Growing Trend in the Australian Funeral Industry

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Although traditional in-ground burials remain a common funeral choice among Australians, cremation is increasingly growing in popularity. This growing trend can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the various advantages of cremation. If you're considering getting cremated when you die, here are some arguments for cremation to help you make an informed decision about this funeral option.

Cost savings

From funeral home charges to buying a casket to securing a gravesite at the local cemetery, the money involved in having a traditional burial can be substantial. Indeed, cost is the main reason more and more people are choosing to be cremated instead of being buried.

Cremation helps to avoid most of the costs associated with a traditional burial. Once your corpse leaves the funeral home to be taken to the crematory, your relatives will only get an urn containing your ashes. This eliminates the need to purchase a casket, as well as have a procession to the burial site after your funeral service comes to an end.


Getting cremated is considered a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of dead bodies than traditional burials. This is because it does not require the use of the available land resources such as cemeteries and family properties for burial purposes.

Your ashes will be put in an urn to be kept at home, scattered in a place that was special to you, or used for other purposes such as making jewellery out of them. Regardless of what your loved ones will do with your ashes, you can be sure that it will be kinder to the environment than if you were to be buried.


Choosing to be cremated is not only cheaper than a burial but also more convenient. Your family doesn't have to transport a large casket from the funeral home to the church (or other venue of your funeral service) and then make a procession to the gravesite. It's much easier for them to move between these locations with your remains reduced to ashes and stored in an urn.

Also, your relatives can always hold a funeral service after having your remains cremated. With the traditional burial funeral option, your corpse can only be buried after a funeral service has been held for you.

Opting to get cremated is a personal choice. If you feel it is right for you, contact a funeral home like J Kirk & Sons near you to make your funeral arrangements.