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How to Personalize Anyone's Funeral Service

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A funeral service is usually meant as a respectful way of saying goodbye to someone who has passed away, and is a way to bring closure to those who are left behind. However, some funeral services may seem very impersonal and not respectful at all because of their "cookie cutter" feeling. If you're planning a funeral service for someone or are preplanning your own funeral, note a few ways you might personalize those services and make them more individual overall.  

1. Create a quote board

At the funeral service, provide a whiteboard or chalkboard on which everyone can write a favorite quote or something that was said by the deceased. This can be words of wisdom they shared, a joke they told, or even a very sarcastic comment they made. Take a photo of this board after the service or incorporate some of those sayings in the funeral talk to make it very personal.

2. Ask for photos

Many people today can easily run off photos they have on their digital cameras or stored on their computer, so you might ask for everyone to bring photos of the deceased that they can share. You can create a memory board where you display all those photos and then have the immediate family take them home. This can be a good way to share memories of the deceased and to see how they grew up and changed over the years.

3. Have a giveaway

Wedding favors are very popular today as they're a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for attending, and you can do the same for a funeral. You might print out a small photo of the deceased along with their favorite quote or something else that personifies their life, and hand it out to funeral goers. You might also have their favorite quote or a photo printed on a coaster, magnet, or bookmark to give to those who attend the funeral.    

4. Have a slideshow

Slideshows are very easy to create on your computer and the equipment to show them can be rented very easily. You might create a slideshow with photos of that person's life, their travels, the works they did, their favorite quotes, and so on. Use this at a funeral service rather than giving a standard eulogy so you're celebrating their life and not just mourning their death. This is also a way for all persons who attend the funeral to get to know the deceased in ways they didn't when the person was still alive.