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4 Excellent Reasons to Consider Cremation

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After a loved one passes, you will need to make some arrangements as far as handling their remains. If you are considering a burial versus cremation, it helps to know the benefits of each before making the final decision. Here are some reasons to consider cremation.

You Can Save Money for the Memorial Service

When you plan a funeral, there are a lot of different services you need to pay for. Not only are you paying for the preparation of the body with embalming and burial services like the cemetery plot and casket, but also there is the standard funeral, wake and visitation, and possibly a gravesite or memorial service. This is a lot to pay for that you might not be prepared for financially. If you choose cremation, you can go with direct cremation so that you don't have any embalming costs and don't need to pay for the casket, which is often one of the biggest costs. This saves more money for a more elaborate memorial service you know the deceased would have appreciated.

There Are Many Ways to Spread the Ashes

Choosing cremation also gives you multiple opportunities for dealing with the ashes, including many places to spread them. Perhaps your grandfather had multiple favorite spots around his hometown; you can spread the ashes around all of these places instead of struggling to find the right cemetery plot. It also gives you the opportunity to turn some of the ashes into memorable keepsakes for family members, such as having a pendant made with some of the ashes for each of his children and grandchildren.

You Can Have it Done Quickly

If your family is in a hurry to get started on the grieving process, you might not want to go through a long funeral planning process. Even with the help of a funeral director, planning different funeral services involved in a traditional burial takes time and multiple events in many cases. You might want to go with a direct cremation and have a small memorial service so that everyone who knew and loved the deceased is able to move on and grieve in their own way.

You Can Still Have a Funeral Service

Many people are under the misconception that if you choose cremation, you can't have a traditional funeral service, but this is not the case. You can still have your loved one's body embalmed as if it was going to be buried, and even have a wake, visitation, and funeral service. The difference is that once these services are over, the body is then cremated instead of being buried.