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Tips On Choosing A Suitable Memorial

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A cemetery monument provides a permanent marker of your loved one's final resting place.  It also presents a unique and personal tribute to their life.  Here are some fitting suggestions on ways in which you can make your departed relative or friend's monument truly personal.


Perhaps the most traditional way of personalising cemetery monuments is by having them engraved.  You could choose to have some artwork included in the design that reflects your loved one's interests and personality.  Engravings can be left plain, or you could choose to have the text highlighted with a metallic finish.


An epitaph is a short text that is engraved onto the memorial.  Epitaphs are typically formed from quotations or phrases frequently used by the deceased, short passages from the Bible or poems of which the deceased was particularly fond.  If you wish, you can compose your own truly unique epitaph.

You might like to further augment your memorial by incorporating decorative metal inlays or perhaps a flower vase that could be used to hold silk versions of your loved one's favourite blooms.

QR codes

One relatively new addition to cemetery memorials is QR codes.  You can set up a QR code that links to a specific website where you might like to share pictures, stories or more information about the deceased's life.  QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone or other mobile device and don't take up much space on a memorial, making them a great way of sharing a large amount of information virtually.

The QR codes are fabricated from durable plastic and are attached to the monument using an epoxy resin.  In the event of damage, they can be quickly duplicated and replaced.


Photographs can really help to tell the story of the deceased and add a really personal touch to memorials.  For example, if your relative is to be buried in the same grave as their spouse, a wedding photograph could be incorporated, showing them together in particularly happy times. 

Your original photos are scanned and the image is embedded into a frame of your choice, which is then set into the memorial by the monument craftsman.

In conclusion

You can make your loved one's cemetery memorial a truly unique and poignant tribute by using one, or a combination of a few, of the above suggestions.  Have a chat with an experienced cemetery monuments craftsman for more suggestions and to see examples of their work.