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3 Important Rooms in a Funeral Home

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Searching for a funeral home which can host the memorial service of a deceased loved one is never going to be a lot of fun. However, finding the right funeral home which has the facilities and amenities you and the other mourners will need. Many modern funeral homes will feature different rooms which can be used during different parts of the funeral service. Below is a guide to some rooms you may wish to use.

Chapel of Rest

When the funeral home receives the body, they will embalm and dress it in clothes supplied by the family. If you do not wish for your loved one to be buried in their own clothes, the funeral director will dress the body in a simple white gown. Makeup will then be applied to the face of the deceased to create a natural skin colouring.

Once the body is prepared it will be placed in a chapel of the rest. The chapel of rest is normally a quiet side room, which will feature flowers and any religious symbolism requested by the family, such as a crucifix. The body will be laid out so it can be viewed by the family. The chapel of rest will normally contain some chairs so mourners can sit with the deceased in the days and hours before the funeral service. Spending time in the chapel of rest can be a very important part of the mourning process, particularly if the death was sudden and unexpected.


While the presence of childcare rooms is not widespread, this space can prove especially important if people who will be mourning the deceased bring their small children along. The childcare centre is a safe space where children can be supervised. This space will typically feature soundproofing to prevent the sound of crying babies from disturbing the mourners.

Coffee and Tea Room

When spending time at the funeral home before the memorial service, mourners will need a place where they can grab a warm drink and some light refreshments. This is particularly important if the deceased was a member of an Orthodox Christian or Jewish faith. The period of mourning in Orthodox religions can last several days as various rituals are performed before the main funeral service takes place. The tea and coffee room should ideally be equipped with comfortable seating so people can get a little rest.

If you would like to find out more about the rooms available to you, contact a funeral home today.