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Which Grave Monument Should You Get? A Quick Look At The Major Differences

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Choosing how to decorate the top of someone's grave can be a very difficult thing to do, with cultural, religious and personal tastes all having to be taken into account. When it comes to your options, most people end up going with a monument of some kind, but which type should you choose? There are two main options: full monuments and lawn monuments. The differences between these two are quite obvious, and most people are immediately drawn to one over the other. Here is a quick rundown of what each of them brings to the table.

Full Monuments

A full monument is exactly what it sounds like: an all-encompassing monument that covers the entire grave section. It starts with a large, carefully cut out slab of granite that totally encompasses the majority of the grave. Then, the monument headstones are located where they would ordinarily be, just a little bit higher because they are on top of the rest of the monument. Some people also have small statues or other ornamental decoration on their full monument, as well as perhaps an in-built vase for flowers. Other accessories are also available but that is the main points of what to expect with a full monument.

Lawn Monuments

Unlike full monuments, lawn monuments are pretty much just the headstone. These monument headstones are still bigger than most headstones you will see when you walk through a cemetery, which gives you more room to write down important information, perhaps a religious quote and add some nice designs that your departed loved one would have liked. They have a bit more of a natural look, as most of the grave is still just grass, so if you prefer a traditional look then a lawn monument is what you want to go for.

Which One Should I Get?

This always will come down to personal choice. Just know that both can be customised when it comes to colour and material, and both are excellent at surviving for decades on end with little maintenance. Most people choose the option that their family has chosen for centuries, and if you are being added to a family plot it makes sense to follow the pattern established. Price may come into it as well, as full monuments can be quite expensive. As long as the monument headstones are clear and say what you want to be said then the rest is purely cosmetic and should be a family choice.