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How To Broadcast A Funeral Services

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Would you want to broadcast a funeral service? It could be that you want friends and family who cannot attend the event to livestream it on their devices. Below is a guide on how you can successfully broadcast a funeral service. 

Prepare Streaming Equipment

You will need high-quality video recording equipment to broadcast the event. When choosing a camera, consider its picture quality and zoom range. Features such as image stabilisation, filters and sensors will significantly affect the image quality. Other than the video recorder, you will need additional equipment such as microphones and tripods. Besides, you need someone with some experience in video recording to operate the video camera. 

Service Planning 

A few days before the funeral, visit the funeral home and burial grounds to determine how you will broadcast the service. One of your immediate concerns should be where you will set up the streaming equipment. Ideally, it should be placed in an area that allows viewers to view the whole event. You will need to consider the amount of internal light and the sun's location when deciding on an appropriate site. Ideally, viewers will want to have the same view as people attending the funeral. As such, they should see the guest speakers and people that attend the funeral. Remember to assess the video recording laws. For instance, are you allowed to use a video camera at the funeral home or the event venue? Video streaming relies on good internet connectivity. Therefore, remember to assess the network quality in the funeral home and event venue. 

Choosing A Streaming Service 

How do you intend to stream the service? Social media platforms are an ideal choice if you want to broadcast the funeral to your followers. Modern technology allows you to stream the service on multiple platforms. As a rule, you should go for user-friendly platforms that have the most users. You could opt to choose a streaming service if you want to broadcast the funeral to a specified group of people. All you have to do is send them a link that redirects them to the livestream. 

Prepare For Unforeseen Events

It would be wise to prepare for unforeseen events on the day of the funeral. For instance, you should have battery backup and an additional storage disk. Backup power and lighting are must-haves. Besides, you should prepare for heavy rains and poor network connectivity. 

When broadcasting a funeral service, prepare the streaming equipment, plan the service, choose a suitable planning service and prepare for unforeseen events. 

To learn more, contact a resource that broadcasts funeral services.