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Why You Should Use a Monumental Mason for Headstone Repair

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Headstone repair and cemetery restoration have become increasingly sought after. This is due to families wanting to maintain their loved ones burial sites. It can also be due to many cities and principalities wanting to maintain the history found within their cemeteries. The issue may be who to hire when you want this kind of restorative service provided. You can hire private freelancers for the position; however, here are some reasons you should consider monumental masons for the project. 

Proper Cleaners

Many of the repairs that you may need for headstones involve cleaning. This could mean cleaning off moss, dirt, or scaling from years of weather conditions. As a non-professional, you may have access to basic chemicals found in your home or at home improvement stores. The problem with these chemicals is that they may be too harsh or not made for the stone. Your monumental mason service provider can identify which cleaners are right for the job, how much to dilute them, and how much to use them. They also have access to professional level cleansers you may not be able to find on your own. 

Stone Identification

Certain stones were used during a certain time period. For example, you may find more limestone used at a given time period while granite was used more recently. Marble is also a stone you may find used in headstones. Some of these stones are difficult to identify by someone who does not have a background in masonry arts. By hiring a monumental mason for your repair and restoration project, you can determine the type of masonry you are dealing with and how to properly move forward with cleaning and restoration. 

On-Site Stone Repair

It stands to reason that you can not move the stones that need repair and restoration. A monument mason can work on the stone on-site. They have the skills and tools to make on-site repairs, such as replacing chipped off pieces, smoothing out rough spots, and replacing or repairing cracked and broken stones. They can also rework engraving if the names have become faded or damaged over the years. 

When you are ready to begin your restorative project, contact your local monumental masons. They can offer you assistance based on the age and the breakdown of the headstones or cemetery. They can also help you with options, such as recreating a new headstone for those that can not be repaired.