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Three Facts About Travelling with Cremation Remains

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Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can go through. However, travelling across territories to retrieve their cremation remains poses a greater challenge. Notably, regulations and laws govern the transportation of human remains that travellers must abide by. Failure to observe the guidelines could delay your travel since airport security personnel must do their job. This article highlights essential tips for travelling with cremation remains.

Choose a "Flight Ready" Urn -- Urns are made of different materials, and the type you choose determines whether you can go through airport checkpoints or not. Therefore, rather than spend hours answering questions about an urn's contents, look for one with a "flight-ready" label. The mark is proof that an urn's material meets the Aviation and Maritime Security (AMS) Division standards. For instance, most urns made from biodegradable materials such as wood and ceramic are considered "flight ready." Alternatively, you can ask a cremation service provider to recommend you flight-ready urns for easy travelling. Most importantly, choosing flight-ready urns saves you time and agony since they rarely cause problems at security checks.

Consider Temporary Urns -- It is normal to want the best urn for your loved one's cremation remains, such as a glass urn with detailed patterns or a colourful ceramic container. However, the chances of damaging such urns and spilling cremation remains increase when you carry them in a checked or a carry-on bag. The reason is that turbulence can throw your bag against other luggage and break delicate urns and even bend metallic ones. Therefore, the safest way to travel with cremation remains is to use temporary pots such as cardboard boxes or urn packages. You can then buy the beautiful and delicate urn you want for the cremation remains of your loved one when you land home.

Talk to a Cremation Director -- Different territories and countries have varying laws regarding travelling with cremation remains. For instance, some countries and airlines only allow travellers to pack cremation remains in a carry-on bag, not a checked bag. Having such information prior guarantees smooth travel. Therefore, you should talk to a cremation director, especially if they have experience shipping cremation remains abroad. Notably, they know a lot about airline regulations and state laws regarding travelling with cremation remains. In some cases, cremation funeral directors work with travel agents and embassies to stay updated about new and changing legal requirements for transporting cremation remains.