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3 Ways Hiring a Reputable Funeral Director Can Help with Asian Funeral Planning

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Different communities and races have unique funeral rites and rituals. For example, the Asian race has structures where children swear their devotion to their parents in life and death. If you lose a parent, it's the children's responsibility to plan for burial arrangements. Because of the complications involved, consulting a reputable burial director can help ease the stress and pressure. 

However, finding the ideal director is the biggest challenge you can face when planning an Asian funeral. A reliable funeral director can help you with three essential steps when planning your Asian funeral, including the following.

Selecting the Ideal Colours and Themes

Generally, brighter colours symbolise happiness in Asian traditions. However, funerals are sad occasions where family and friends come together to mourn their loved ones. For this reason, using black or dark colours would be ideal because they symbolise sadness. Your funeral director will recommend dark-themed dress codes for your Asian funeral.

If you'll be receiving visitors who aren't familiar with Asian funeral traditions, it's wise to set up reminders to keep them in the know. Remember that there are specific occasions where pink and white colours are used to celebrate the death of an elderly family member. That's especially true if the deceased was more than eighty years old.  

Planning the Funeral's Wake

Often, the wake is conducted before a burial ceremony. Typically, Asian funerals are associated with longer funeral wakes. If you've never organised one before, it's imperative to be more accommodating and allow family members to mourn peacefully. During many funeral wakes, mourners bring large flower arrangements and condolence messages to the bereaved family. It's, therefore, imperative to set aside a designated room to receive and store such items. 

Furthermore, it's common to see people contributing money to help the bereaved family manage finances at Asian funeral wakes. You can help facilitate the collection process by handing out envelopes where mourners can assist and contribute towards offsetting funeral expenses. 

Conducting the Funeral Service 

It's, therefore, imperative to work with a funeral director with an in-depth understanding of Asian funerals and burial arrangements. For instance, some families might choose to burn papers, money or miniature items when celebrating their loved ones. That's a common practice many Asian communities perform because they believe these items or possessions follow the deceased to the spirit world. 

Therefore, it's wise to choose a funeral director who understands the cultural diversity of different communities when planning your Asian funeral. Their expertise is critical to giving your loved one the decent send-off they deserve. For more information on Asian funerals, contact a professional near you.