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Why Choose a Pre-Paid Funeral?

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Pre-paying for your own funeral might seem as though you are putting the cart before the horse but it can make a lot of sense. In fairness, pre-payment funeral plans differ greatly so it is always worth reading the fine print before signing up for one. Otherwise, you might not get exactly what you are expecting when the time comes. That said, more and more Australians are making pre-paid funeral arrangements for themselves. What are the advantages of choosing a pre-paid funeral for yourself? Read on to find out.

Peace of Mind

Firstly, many people say they would like a pre-paid funeral because it means that everything will be sorted out in advance. This way, they can get on with the rest of their lives without having to worry about their funeral or the expenses that they incur. That's why it isn't just older people who tend to opt for pre-paid funeral plans these days but many middle-aged people, as well. Why worry about what will happen when you pass on when you can sort it all out today?

Your Funeral, Your Way

If you have a particular funeral in mind for yourself when you pass on, then you can leave instructions and even put a clause in your will. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will end up with the sort of service you have planned for yourself, however. Nevertheless, if you pay for everything in advance, then your appointed funeral directors will carry out your instructions to the letter, whether you want a grand funeral with many mourners or a much simpler service.

Pass More on to Loved Ones

Another reason that people often cite for a pre-paid funeral is that they know how much will be left in their estate to pass on to friends and family members. Historically, funeral costs have tended to be covered by the estate meaning that this sum could be significantly diminished before it can be inherited. With a pre-payment arrangement, however, this won't be the case.

Settle Your Bill Today

Even if you break the cost of your future funeral up into more affordable monthly instalments that will be paid over several years, you will usually be able to plan your funeral costs down to the cent. Typically, pre-payment plans offer funerals at today's prices not what they will be by the time you pass on. As such, they are a good way of beating inflation given the rising costs of funerals in Australia today. 

For more information about pre-paid funerals, contact a local funeral home.